A plain ol’ accidental discharge in Plano

Hooray for transparency!

A recent peek into the officer-involved shootings that Texas departments have reported to the state attorney general’s office revealed a peculiar one from Plano.

Under a new state law, departments are directed to file the reports within 30 days of an incident. So far, departments have filed 12 reports from nine incidents (two involved multiple officers), and all were filed within 30 days.  (I’m attempting to keep up with the reports in this database. If you’re into that sort of thing, check out the Washington Post’s database of killings by police in the U.S.)

Anyway, this one report from Plano said the Sept. 3 shooting occurred during an “accidental discharge ricochet during range actives” at the Plano Police Department’s shooting range.

Still curious, I called Plano PIO David Tilley, who said an officer accidentally fired a shot into the ground during the department’s annual inservice. A piece of the bullet ricocheted off the ground and grazed another officer’s elbow.

There’s an internal investigation per department protocol, but Tilley said neither officer missed any work over it. It’s unknown, though, if the officer passed his qualifications.

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