Getting my flashlight ready

Summer Stunner: The original light-shedder at the start of a Central Texas day in June.  

When talking about journalism’s role of being society’s watchdog, people often use the phrase “shed some light.” Well, this summer, I’m busy testing and retesting batteries, researching the best and brightest LED bulbs and otherwise preparing to do some illuminating starting in August.

Then, I’ll be undertaking a year-long reporting project thanks to a grant that will allow me to write while I continue chipping away at my Master’s degree. In general, I’ll be researching and reporting on officer-involved shootings in the Lone Star State – but I’ll explain more in detail later.

Meanwhile, I’m busy ramping everything up – but still can’t say “no” to a good freelance assignment. Last week, the Washington Post tapped me to help with their coverage of a training accident at Fort Hood in which nine soldiers were swept away by flood water.  On Sunday, I took Austin American-Statesman Travel section readers with me to Seattle to relive a terrific trip we took to Seattle last year for a friend’s wedding.

Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks about my upcoming project, I promise it will be worth your while. Until then, have a fantastic summer.

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